Laugh freely, smile proudly, and walk taller with our trusted cosmetic dentistry services

It has been our privilege at Gloucester Family Dentistry to care for the oral health of generations of families. Our dentists, Drs Fuad Tanha and Sami Kandalaft appreciate that an attractive smile is timeless. A set of evenly-spaced, stain-free, and regularly-shaped teeth never goes out of style and is always in season. For patients who have noticed changes in their smile over time, or those who have long wanted to change something about their smile, cosmetic dentistry at our office inGloucester, Ottawa, Ontario, may be just what the dentist orders!

Dentistry for a brighter, whiter smile

Have you tried OTC whitening kits or toothpaste? At best, you may have seen very little to no results. At worst, the one-size-fits-all kits may have caused sensitivity or irritated your mouth. Our dentists have access to powerful professional products. These whitening gels contain ingredients that are proven to remove stains. And, when in our professionals’ trusted hands, the entire treatment experience is safe and comfortable.

Girl is on the Bed

Depending on your needs, goals, and preferences, you may choose from “power” whitening. Applied by one of our dentists, this in-office treatment gets results in just one visit. You can dramatically lighten your teeth in time for a big event. For patients who desire more gradual results, we may recommend take-home whitening. These kits involve wearing a whitening tray that is custom-fit to your mouth. When these trays are worn as directed by Drs Tanha or Kandalaft, you can evenly, comfortably, and quickly whiten your teeth after several days or weeks of wear. Once you have reached your desired level of whitening, we want you to keep your teeth that way! We can advise on the best products and practices to care for your brighter smile. And, of course, keep up with recall appointments. Our hygienists use special training and tools to remove any stains that may build up between visits.

Dentistry for a more “perfect” smile

At Gloucester Family Dentistry, we make cosmetic imperfections disappear! Veneers are a versatile and often appropriate treatment for stubborn stains that do not whiten with professional treatment or for small gaps between teeth, chipped teeth, and shape- and size-related irregularities. Our dentists use their skill to prepare dental materials, such as ceramics like porcelain. Once precisely and expertly applied to the front surfaces of the “imperfect” teeth, the veneers cover up persistent discolouration, chips, cracks, gaps, or worn-down and overly-pointy teeth. Still other services available at our office in Gloucester,Ottawa, ON, blend both the best of cosmetic dentistry with restorative dentistry. These options include Invisalign®, the discreet, clear alternative to silver-coloured metal braces, and dental restorations like tooth-coloured fillings and porcelain crowns to preserve damaged teeth. Call (613) 319-0845 to learn more about options to transform your smile, confidence, health, and well-being.