Hassle-free dentures bring out your natural beauty, restore chewing function and well-being

Dentures get a bad rap. This form of tooth replacement has historically been associated with discomfort, embarrassing “slip-ups,” and “false teeth” that look plastic and fake. The problem isn’t so much with the dentures but, rather, with how the dentures have been designed! The comfort and satisfaction you get from your new teeth depend on how well they fit in your mouth.

At Gloucester Family Dentistry in the Gloucester, Ontario metro area, we take great care to design teeth that look, feel, and function like the “real thing” before teeth were marred by disease or decay.

Dummy Tooth

The partial dentures designed by Dr. Fuad Tanha use the highest quality materials, which have been selected in partnership with you, the patient. Since our practice blends cutting-edge techniques, products, and technologies with timeless, personalized, and genuine care, we support the long-term health of your mouth and overall well-being.

We work with you as partners to aid in transitioning quickly and smoothly to the use of your new teeth. We provide clear and thorough guidance on properly cleaning and maintaining your dentures. Dentures may need to be repaired or adjusted over time to ensure a fit that promotes comfort, aesthetics, function, and health.

Our comprehensive services further ensure there is a type of tooth replacement that perfectly complements your needs, lifestyle, personal preferences, habits, and budget. 

Options include the following:

  • Partial dentures replace a few or several teeth and are held in place by remaining natural teeth that connect to the denture via specialised attachments
  • Immediate dentures allow for patients to get an interim or provisional tooth replacement as soon as their teeth have been removed, so they can get used to their new teeth right away and never have to be seen in public with gaps in their smile (permanent teeth may be applied later, once extraction sites have healed)
  • Dental implants retain the replacement teeth and/or gum tissues by functioning as “artificial tooth roots”; instead of using natural suction, denture products, specialised attachments, or remaining “anchor” teeth, dental prosthetics are supported by those implants, which are precisely positioned and stabilised in the jaw

Furthermore, implants have the unique and added benefit of helping to prevent or halt the devastating process of bone loss. We look forward to discussing your many options for treatment during a visit to our office in Gloucester, Ontario.