Making over a single tooth to a mouthful of damaged teeth with exceptional restorative dental care

Gloucester Family Dentistry blends the art and science of restorative dental care. Our team in Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario, is led by two talented dentists, Drs Fuad Tanha and Sami Kandalaft. Their artistic and technical skill combines with investments in the latest technologies to support accurate diagnostics, precision treatment, and a comfortable experience.

When restorative care may be in your future

The foundation of our approach to care is built on consistent, routine recall appointments and preventative services. We form true partnerships with our valued patients. Many common oral conditions are avoided when these regular ongoing visits and care are maintained. Or, we can minimize their effects by detecting problems like enamel erosion and gum inflammation early. We can resolve these problems before they become destructive, full-blown tooth decay and advanced gum (periodontal) disease.

Even with the best of intentions and consistent care, accidents can still happen. Not all conditions can be resolved with non-restorative care, such as changes to hygiene at home or prescription rinses and medications. In these cases, our team, fortunately, has the onsite capabilities and expertise to rebuild a portion of a decayed, damaged, or broken tooth. We can even support rebuilding an entire tooth from the “root upwards” with modern teeth replacement (courtesy of dental implants).

Doctor is Checking Patient

Our team also acknowledges that the health of your teeth is just one contributor to your mouth’s overall health and condition. So, we also take great care to support and restore the condition of the gums that surround and protect your teeth.

Options to treat oral conditions and rebuild the healthy structure that promotes lasting function, systemic health, and overall well-being include:

  • Dental fillings to repair smaller cavities or areas of decay
  • Dental inlays to fill in larger cavities that cannot be effectively treated with fillings 
  • Dental onlays, also known as partial crowns, are a conservative alternative to full crowns
  • Dental crowns, which fit over the remaining healthy tooth structure to preserve broken, decayed, and damaged teeth
  • Root canal therapy to save even infected teeth – avoiding tooth loss and extractions 
  • Tooth replacement with a dental bridge, supported by crowned anchor teeth on either side of the prosthetic tooth (or teeth)
  • Partial and complete dentures, held in place by attachments to existing teeth, natural suction in the mouth, and denture adhesives
  • Dental implant-supported crowns, bridges and dentures – These prosthetics are held in place by implants positioned in the jawbone and designed to function like tooth roots to stabilize the replacement teeth attached to them for superior stability and function. 
  • Nonsurgical scaling and root planing to treat patients with active gum disease and avoid the need for more aggressive, surgical periodontal treatment

And much more! Few dental services are as transformative as restorative dentistry. Gloucester Family Dentistry is here for you, from comparatively modest repairs to a single tooth to complex, full-mouth rehabilitation. Schedule your appointment at our office in Gloucester, Ottawa, ON, today by calling us at (613) 319-0845.