The importance of regular exams and “check-ups” at your trusted dental home

Since the 1970s, Gloucester Family Dentistry has proudly supported the oral health needs of individuals and their families across Gloucester Ottawa and eastern Ontario. In doing so, we contribute to the overall health and well-being of the communities we serve and call “home.” Regular, comprehensive exams are fundamental to this tradition of providing trusted family dental care.

The power of consistent, routine visits

It is critical to establish a dental “home.” The sustained health and function of your teeth, gums, and mouth is a lifelong journey. It requires a blend of consistently good hygiene at home and regular professional care at our office. Our dentists, Drs Fuad Tanha and Sami Kandalaft recommend such dental “check-ups” at least once every six months or two times per year.

Patients with risk factors for oral conditions, such as gum disease and oral cancer, will visit our office more frequently. Risk factors range from using products containing tobacco and nicotine to “co-morbidities” like diabetes. During these check-ups or recall appointments, Drs Tanha and Kandalaft:

Lady Doctor with Old Patient in Clinic
  • Apply their considerable knowledge to examine the condition of your teeth, gums, and other tissues of the mouth, face, and jaws. 
  • In addition to a visual inspection, they will check for potential anomalies (like pre-cancers) by touch. Lumps, bumps, and swelling may warrant further investigation to rule out potentially serious conditions. 
  • Routinely and on an as-needed basis, our dentists use advanced imaging to detect problems in even the tiniest areas. Without such x-rays and diagnostics, conditions could go undetected and untreated. 
  • Depending on what is found during your exam, recommendations may be made to resolve any underlying problems quickly. Early detection is emphasized. After all, we want to catch issues before they progress and cause irreversible damage.

No recall visit would be complete without a professional dental cleaning by one of our kind and highly trained dental hygienists. Our skilled hygienists use specialized instruments to gently and effectively remove bacteria, surface stains, and stubborn plaque build-up (tartar) from both the teeth and gum line. This process promotes a healthy, disease- and decay-free mouth, an attractive smile, and fresh breath!

Our hygiene team can also advise on oral care products to elevate your home hygiene game and may even demonstrate good brushing and flossing techniques. Or, quick and easy professional preventative services (like sealants and fluoride) can go far to preserve your healthy best smile.

Due for your check-up? Call Gloucester Family Dentistry today at (613) 319-0845 to schedule your visit to our Gloucester Ottawa, ON office. Our dental “family” looks forward to partnering with you and your family!