Move over, braces! A guide to cosmetic and comfortable orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®

At Gloucester Family Dentistry, we believe that all individuals deserve to have a smile that they can be proud of, and the experience of getting that smile should be comfortable and hassle-free. Enter Invisalign®. This orthodontic treatment is widely considered to be an attractive alternative to conventional treatments to straighten teeth, notably with braces.

An introduction to Invisalign®

Braces use a system of metal brackets and wires, as well as special bands, to reposition the teeth. Treatment can only progress when the orthodontist adjusts or tightens the wires because braces are fixed or secured to the teeth. With Invisalign®, patients are in the driver’s seat! Instead of brackets and wires, oral devices or clear aligners are used to place pressure on the teeth consistently. When these aligners are worn daily as directed, the teeth are gradually repositioned.

Invisalign Before After Image

Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are: 

  • Clear and not visible when you smile
  • Made from a smooth and flexible plastic for utmost comfort
  • Removable 
  • Versatile and effective for a wide range of patients (from minor cosmetic issues to more severe bite problems)

What to expect

During your Invisalign® consultation, one of our dentists, Drs Fuad Tanha or Sami Kandalaft, will examine your mouth to confirm that this treatment is right for you. Using advanced software, a 3-D model of your mouth is made. This model guides the precise fabrication of your customized aligner trays. We also use this virtual representation of your mouth to show you how the treatment works. Think of it as the ultimate in “try before you buy.” You can see exactly how your teeth will be repositioned – even the final, beautiful results! 

Most patients can straighten their teeth in, on average, one year. Patient compliance is essential. You should only remove the aligner for comfortable eating and effective brushing and flossing. Also, treatment requires that a series of aligners be worn. The total number of aligners depends on your needs, such as the nature of your misalignment and its severity. Each aligner is worn for around one to two week(s). Be sure to wear the aligners in the correct order. When compared to braces, Invisalign® treatment requires minimal follow-up visits at our office in Gloucester, Ottawa, ON. During these visits, one of our dentists checks that your treatment is progressing as it should be and provides you with additional aligner trays as needed. Call (613) 319-0845 to schedule your initial Invisalign® consultation today!