Avoid painful tooth and gum problems with proactive, preventative dentistry

Since the 1970s, Gloucester Family Dentistry has partnered with generations of families from across greater Ottawa and eastern Ontario. Our approach to supporting the oral health needs of family members of all ages is built on a cornerstone of preventative dentistry. Led by Drs Fuad Tanha and Sami Kandalaft, our team works with patients to protect their teeth, gums, and mouth from leading oral health threats: dental decay and gum (periodontal) disease. Other offices may take a reactive approach. We are proactive. We stay ahead of problems, which helps valued members of our extended “dental family” to avoid the discomfort, trauma, expense, and time associated with destructive conditions like tooth decay.

How we prevent and protect

Doctor is Checking Patient's Mouth

One of our dentists will advise on the best schedule for recall appointments. Generally, healthy patients who do not have risk factors for dental disease will visit us for recall appointments once every six months or two times per year. We follow up with patients more frequently if they have comorbidities, such as diabetes, or other risk factors for conditions like advanced gum disease. During these visits, one of our talented dental hygienists cleans your teeth and gums using special techniques and instruments. These professional cleanings help prevent plaque build-up, which contributes to dental decay and gingival disease. Cleanings are also essential to remove surface stains, keep your teeth a dazzling white, and combat bad breath! 

No recall visit would be complete without your dentist examining the condition of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues. Drs Tanha or Kandalaft are looking for early signs of problems, such as inflamed gums or enamel erosion. When detected and resolved early, we avoid irreversible damage. Since many oral problems are progressive, there are opportunities to halt the disease and even reverse its effects when resolved early enough into the disease process. We also use advanced diagnostic tools to “see” hidden areas or problems that might otherwise go undetected. Thorough exams like these are essential. Often, early-stage decay and gum disease are “silent”; they either produce no symptoms or such subtle symptoms that they can be ignored. Our dental team pinpoints problems that you didn’t know you had in order to maintain and sustain the healthy, attractive smile that supports self-confidence, overall health, and a great quality of life.

Tailored care for one-of-a-kind mouths

Gloucester Family Dentistry also advises on oral care products to help you better brush and floss your teeth and demonstrates good cleaning techniques. During regular visits, we can check that any dental work you may have remains in good condition and that appliances like mouthguards or nightguards are holding up well. Depending on your needs, our dentists may suggest other professional preventative services that can go a long way toward keeping your teeth strong and healthy. These services include dental sealants for decay-prone back teeth. 

The best time to see the dentist is when you feel fine. Do not wait for problems to arise—call (613) 319-0845 to schedule your appointment at our office in Ottawa, ON.