Restore the beauty and health of your smile for a lifetime with aesthetic, durable composite fillings

Gloucester Family Dentistry applies considerable knowledge of the latest and finest dental techniques, products, and technologies. We blend these cutting-edge capabilities with “timeless,” personalized care to support optimal treatment outcomes and an incredible experience for individuals and their families in and around Gloucester, Ontario.

Dr. Fuad Tanha has developed considerable expertise in designing dental restorations. His restorations are both durable and lifelike and include composite fillings.

Composite fillings 101

Fillings refer to dental materials that are precisely “prepared” to replace lost or deteriorated tooth structures. A natural tooth can sustain damage due to progressive dental decay. Without treatment, decay can erode the tooth’s surface and cause holes or cavities. Preparation of the affected tooth involves removing damaged tissues. An impression or model of the tooth is made. This impression is used to guide the design of the filling.

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Dr. Fuad Tanha may use various materials to “fill in” and repair a cavity. These materials include dental composite. Composites are resins (plastics) that may be formulated with glass-like particles to replicate the appearance and structure of natural dental tissues.

Metal-free composite is lauded for its:

  • Biocompatibility โ€“ appropriate for patients with sensitivities to other materials (such as metals)
  • Natural appearance โ€“ composites may be perfectly colour-matched to look like the surrounding tooth structure and neighbouring healthy teeth
  • Strength โ€“ composites are generally more conservative than other materials, and the more natural healthy tooth structure that is preserved, the greater the resiliency of the treated tooth

Since these fillings are durable and built to last, they present great value for our patients throughout the metro Gloucester, Ontario, communities.

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